St. Patrick's Day Parade
MARCH 17th., 2023 Cleveland, Ohio.

Pittsburgh is also doing parade on Saturday, March 11th.. .
Plan to come and bring your Irish, it's a fun enjoyable day !
Please bring your Irish Setter(s) to downtown Cleveland and walk with us on Friday, March 17 th ..
The parade begins at 1:04 PM
We are in Division 3H, which needs to be ready to march by 1:15 PM.
We should meet near the fenced parking lot at 2331 Superior Ave.
Please let me know if you can make it! Or Irish Setter Club of Ohio Facebook
Email: It’s always a lot of fun, let’s have lots of redheads!

2018 - Saturday, March 17th was no exception .... a sunny but chilly day did not keep the Irish away. 13 dogs happily marched along with their people through the streets of downtown Cleveland, Ohio. A fun filled and happy day for all !!

2012 ~ A Wonderfully Warm and Fun Day at the Parade.

2011 ~ A fun filled day with sunshine and rollicking red-heads ...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 was a great day for our Irish Setters to show off their stuff! It was a sunny, warm afternoon a great day to rollick in the parade. Eleven red-heads and their human parents showed much love to the parade spectators; many kisses and pats were exchanged! They were a big hit and a crowd pleaser. Time Warner Cable Company even asked me to step aside and answer some questions about ISCO's involvement in the parade! Take a look at the pictures and see how much fun we had. Tell your friends and family and plan next year on joining in on the fun!!!

Victoria L. Lindeman
ISCO Parade Chairperson

Here is our 2010 Slide Show

2007 ~ The day was cold and blustery, but the parade was still fun fun fun ….

Thankfully, the sun appeared for the afternoon and the wind calmed a bit.  The weather kept many of our club members from joining us, but we had six dogs participating, three of which were from our rescue program. The grandstand announcer said that we were one of the most requested groups as we walked by!  Shauna and Jackie Caffo even made the front page of their local paper!

2008 was another fun year as Victoria Lindeman and Louie brave the cold !!!

Other years were warm and sunny and even more fun fun fun!!!